Solid 15 Colors Pocket Squares - Unique Pocket Square - Pre-Fitted Silk Pocket Squares - Hand made in USA

  • $23.00

Kotty's special design silk coloured pocket square collection. The pocket square is permanently attached to a holder. The pre-fitted pocket squares are very easy to wear and always stay in your pocket. The pocket squares coordinate perfectly with any outfit.

Fabric: Silk
Collors: 1-purple, 2-navy, 3-red, 4-dark green, 5-tan, 6-blue, 7-ivory, 8-black, 9-yellow, 10-wine, 11-turquoise, 12-white, 13-olive green, 14-baby blue, 15-dusty pink
Label: Kotty Design
Hand made in USA
Ready to ship
Code: PQ032

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